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At EHAB, research is at the core of everything we do. Our commitment to scientific, systematic, and evidence-based methods defines our approach and fuels our innovation.


We pride ourselves on our team of in-house researchers who conduct thorough studies within our critical operational areas. This rigorous research process allows us to develop the most effective tools and solutions for our group of companies. Research not only drives our understanding but also contributes to sustainable growth. By blending empirical data with academic insights, we achieve both theoretical and practical advancements that benefit our industry and beyond.


Our belief in the power of research is unwavering. It propels us to continuously push the boundaries of knowledge. To support this mission, we have assembled a diverse team of experts from various fields, ensuring a rich tapestry of perspectives and insights.

Viktor Ström

Viktor Ström holds a post doctor position in the Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, at the University of Gothenburg. His work is part of the Swedish Research Council Distinguished Professors' Research Program entitled “Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Transforming society through knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship”, led by Professor Maureen McKelvey. Viktor is also a member of the Centre on Knowledge-Intensive Innovation Ecosystems (U-GOT KIES). His research spans the domains of entrepreneurship, innovation, mergers and acquisitions, as well as the vital interplay between academia and industry.

Pontus Braunerhjelm

Pontus Braunerhjelm is a Swedish Professor in national economics at the department of industrial economics and organization (INDEK) at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, and professor at the department of industrial economics at Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH. He is also a Research Director at Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum. For many years, he has researched issues related to entrepreneurship, innovation and small business and their importance for industrial dynamism and economic growth.

Nima Sanandaji

Nima Sanandaji is the president of the think tank European Centre for Entrepreneurship and Policy Reform. He is a Swedish author who holds a PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm and is a former research fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies in London. He has published over 30 books on innovation, entrepreneurship, women’s career opportunities, crime prevention, preventive social work, the history of enterprise, and the Nordic welfare states.

Johan Gärdebo

Johan Gärdebo is a Swedish historian and research fellow of Clare Hall (2023–2026) and associate of the Cambridge Centre for History and Economics. He received his doctorate from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and has been a researcher at MIT, Linköping University and Uppsala University. His research concerns the history and politics of climate knowledge, as well as political philosophy. Johan writes frequently on the topic of intellectual diversity and is currently involved in developing and implementing EHAB’s No Bullshit Policy.

Research And REPORTS

Esmaeilzadeh Holding AB (publ) employs a scientific approach in every aspect of our business. We have a team of researchers and scientists who regularly conduct in-depth studies in our key areas of operation so that we have better insights and can make more informed decisions supported by their work. Here, you can read more about some of these undertakings.

An open mind, free from bullshit

An open-minded approach, critical thinking, and the dialectical interplay between them form the foundation of how we seamlessly blend science and entrepreneurship. Our No Bullshit Policy aims to shatter the barriers of conventional thinking to make more well-informed and wiser decisions, throughout the group. In a nutshell, EHAB is committed to being bullshit-free in today’s world

No Bullshit Policy – EHABs guide för att tänka fritt, på rätt sättSwedishPDF
No Bullshit Policy – EHABs guide to free thinkingEnglishPDF
No Bullshit Policy – Öppen kritisk dialektik vid EHABSwedishPDF
No Bullshit Policy – Open critical dialectis at EHABEnglishPDF