About us

Investing in profitable and stable companies

Esmaeilzadeh Holding focuses on establishing and building entrepreneurial platforms. We and our platforms work together to achieve a collective and stable growth, both organically and through acquisitions or investments.

Our Strategy

Instead of entering established and competitive markets in a blood-red sea of competing companies, we work within deep niches, business areas and segments in various industries based on our proven strategy. The industry diversification in our holdings combined with a long-term ownership horizon makes us an investment company with a well-balanced risk spread and a low economic sensitivity.

Our business builds on our entrepreneurs with a focus on creating stakeholder value. We overcome our irrational fears of failure and continue to move forward. With this in mind, we build our businesses based on three main components.

  • We strive to be an attractive group for driven, intelligent and conscientious talents.
  • We provide our talents with the necessary infrastructure and tools within financing and expertise in building companies.
  • We create the right incentive structure for everyone involved with our “all in” strategy where key persons invest their savings with leverage and a tremendous upside.
Our History

For over a decade, we have been developing innovative and niche businesses, leading them into operational and profitable enterprises. We have participated in the foundation of successful companies such as Diamorph, Sdiptech, Xbrane Biopharma, Serendipity Group and OrganoClick, many of which have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. To continue the entrepreneurial journey, formalise investments made over the years and make way for external capital, Esmaeilzadeh Holding was founded in 2020.