Esmaeilzadeh Holding / Portfolio
A portfolio coined by entrepreneurship

Esmaeilzadeh Holding continues to find, invest in and develop companies based on the belief that our experiences as entrepreneurs make us better investors, and that our experiences as investors make us better entrepreneurs. Instead of entering established and competitive markets in a blood-red sea of competing companies, we will continue to work within deep niches, business areas and segments in various industries based on our proven and investment models.

We divide our holdings into three segments; Operational Group investments, Venture Capital investments and Liquid Assets.

Our largest segment is Operational Group investments which include operational companies with the objective to acquire companies that have reached a higher degree of maturity on a buy-and-hold basis. Venture Capital Investments include direct investments in growth companies as well as platforms that invest in growth companies. Our Liquid Assets segment consists of investments in companies listed on a stock exchange as well as cash.