Investment Strategy

Esmaeilzadeh Holding / Investment Strategy

The foundation of our investment activities is fundamental analysis of primarily unlisted companies. We are agnostic in terms of industry. We focus on stable profitable businesses with margins above industry standard. We seek companies that operate in deep niches, with high barriers to entry, which gives our investments a competitive advantage. We invest in SME companies to avoid competition. We strive to hedge for the future with our investments and avoid companies, industries, and jurisdictions that are subjected to political risk, permits or licences to operate, and/or are subjected to disruptive technological changes.


Asset diversification

The industry diversification in our holdings combined with our long-term ownership horizon makes us an investment company with a well-balanced risk spread and a low economic sensitivity.



All of our portfolio companies operate with a high degree of independence, which promotes entrepreneurial innovation. We contribute in investment committees and through board work.



Due to our strict investment criteria and overall focus on profitable and stable companies, we are confident that the acquired companies are able to operate independently and can thus let the entrepreneurs be entrepreneurs.