Bridge by EHAB and UF

We believe that entrepreneurial education and inspiring role models is the way to social mobility. Together with our friends at Ung Företagsamhet, we started a project with the ambition to build bridges that connect our suburbs to the areas of opportunity in a long-term partnership.


As a first step, we’re visiting elementary schools in some of Stockholm’s troubled suburbs to inspire students to make their ideas and dreams a reality.


EHAB:s founders Dr Saeid and Dr Mouna Esmaeilzadeh fled Iran and built a life in Husby, one of Stockholm’s more troubled suburbs. At times, they had to work twice as hard as their colleagues, but that only made them fight harder. Education and entrepreneurialism built their bridges.


Adult role models are crucial to inspire young people to choose a career in entrepreneurship, and studies show that their influence is stronger the more the adolescents can identify with the role model.

Entrepreneurs as role models

In the spring of 2023 four entrepreneurs from EHAB joined our project:

Järvaveckan, June, 2023

A panel discussion about role models and entrepreneurship: